Why Spantel?

Why choose Spantel for your medical transcription management?

Spantel leverages automation to achieve maximum cost efficiency while ensuring highest quality. Spantel achieves this by driving medical documentation through the use of technology, and reducing manual processes. Whether you are a hospital or a service provider, our solution elevates the performance of your program.

Here’s how Spantel differentiates its services:

  • Clear focus on cost reduction and innovation that delivers tangible impact on your business
  • Systems and technology designed specifically for your needs from ground up
  • Risk-free Speech Recognition that actually improves TAT and reduces cost
  • Structured unit costs and contract relations that optimize financial performance
  • Optimized resource management, and leveraged efficiencies of scale
  • Retain control of compliance with HIPAA & HITECH
  • Ease of adoption that supersedes expectations and experience
  • Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver
  • Spantel is a well-managed organization that has gained a reputation as an honest, no hype platform and speech recognition service provider that delivers consistent financial performance. With consistent profitability, no debt, and dedication to values, we have the strength and stability to reinvest and grow with our customers

    Client specific customizations of the enterprise system, continual upgrades and full support have resulted in making Hospital Direct the most comprehensive solution in its domain. All these services are offered by Spantel on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

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