Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Spantel's Hospital Direct™ transcription platform is seemlessly integrated with speech recognition technology to deliver the most comprehensive and adoptable solution for creating highly accurate, structured, encoded, and shareable clinical documents.

Spantel’s speech understanding services transforms the dictation into a Meaningful Clinical Document, automatically structured and encoded according to the healthcare provider's documentation rules. Our solution combines speech recognition and natural language understanding to capture and comprehend clinical information from dictation, transforming it directly into actionable data that easily integrates into existing EHRs and allows for advanced functions not currently possible with conventional transcribed text reports.

Seamless Integration

Spantel has greatly enhanced the entire workflow, profiling, reporting and monitoring systems of the Hospital Direct program to offer the use of backend speech recognition services. Hospitals and MTSO are able to simultaneously manage traditional and speech recognized work, with their varying operational and reporting needs, from a single job monitor screen. New learning for incorporating these operational upgrades to your program have been made easy and automated to the maximum. The end result is efficient, cost effective, and seamless deployment of speech recognition as an optional production method supported through Hospital Direct’s single workflow management and reporting system.

By working closely with our clients to establish voice profiles that consider the unique dictating habits of their system users, Spantel ensures that the documents routed through the speech recognition engine deliver superior production cost results for the complete job cycle.

The additional benefits are the ability to provide structured and encoded documents that use the HL-7 CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) format.

Speech Understanding

Our technology understands the entire context of dictation and recognizes the physician's intent, while adapting to a variety of speaking styles and dictation habits.

Conversational Modeling

Our technology has the flexibility to handle the way people really speak—with varying accents, dialects, styles, and speeds. Our speech recognition engine consistently outperforms competitive technologies.

Always Understanding™

Our patented approach to speech understanding does more than recognize a few words at a time. It looks for meaning from the entire conversation, and then uses that understanding to create the most accurate, complete, and meaningful healthcare documentation.

Speech Recognition Workflow

All physicians continue to dictate the way they always have. Spantel automatically submits the dictation to speech recognition engines. Successful draft quality is sent for review and correction by editors. If the Inadequate draft quality is sent for manual transcription. The completed transcript, either speech recognized and edited, or manually completed, is now processed for customer e-sign and distribution. The resulting structured and encoded document is also available for use by the facility.

Risk-free Use

Spantel offers the backend speech recognition to our clients with no startup costs, license fees or minimum commitments. The pay-for-success method guarantees that the risk of using speech recognition technology is completely eliminated. Spantel speech recognition services shall deliver on the promise of this marvelous new technology without wasting your money.

Continuous Learning

Our speech understanding technology learns from experience by monitoring its own performance, and by adapting to edits made by reviewers. This continuous learning improves accuracy of the draft, and meaningful data.