Radiology Speech Recognition - SpeechRite

Transcription management services for Radiology

SpeechRite for radiology is a front end speech recognition program with excellent quality, and comprehensive workflow that supports all dictation preferences. SpeechRite modules for CTRM, BIRADS, Addendums, Priors, Templates, macros and much more. With no infrastructure or overhead costs, SpeechRite with full PACS / RIS integration can be implemented within a few days.

SpeechRite is ideally suited for Hospital radiology departments, multi-site organizations, imaging centers, tele-radiology practices, and individual radiologists working on contract. Besides having no acquisition costs, you pay based only on your usage, and never pay more than what your needs are. Volume discounts further reduce your costs. And yet, you are guaranteed of the full service of our advance IT services 24/7/365.


From the first study dictated, SpeechRite delivers highly accurate drafts. After only a few dictations, the quality of drafts become startlingly accurate. A manual training tool helps win over obstinate words. And the customized voice profile of each user works from the remote locations, and allows the use of laptops.


Radiologists willingly adopt SpeechRite because the workflow is simple, flexible and provides choices. At any time, Radiologists can send dictations to backend transcription for editing; or they can review, edit, and finish the job immediately. They continue to dictate normally as always. Their routine remains unaffected. And yet, their efficiency increases, as if delivering a "turbo boost" to their performance. Even the most reluctant physician gladly becomes an avid user.


SpeechRite is built on Cloud Computing architecture with minimal resource requirements for deployment, and remote accessibility by users. Deployment does not need IT staff time, nor project plans, or costs. Installed from the web, users can promptly experience the uncanny simplicity of our program. Narrative dictations are converted to structured and encoded documents that lend to analysis and meaningful use.