Services for MTSOs

Transcription management services for MTSO

Features and strengths built into the navigation, design and philosophy of the Spantel program especially cater to the needs of the MTSO market, whether you are a small operator, or a large national service. Starting with our simple, all-inclusive use-based pricing, to the meticulous attention to “Ease of Use” issues, the Spantel program brings immediate success in operational, deployment, human resource, customer management and cost management areas for the MTSO.

Spantel especially understands the pressures that MTSO face from their customers. We become a part of your team in adding custom features, and providing solutions for winning deals, gaining customer confidence and achieving cost competitive programs for MTSOs of all sizes. We are especially focused on customer support and care with the understanding that only by helping our MTSO succeed, does Spantel achieve success.

Whether you generate, access, or manage transcriptions, Spantel works for you.


Ease-of-Use Get started right away with our secure, web-based, and comprehensive system. Spantel requires no setup, no installation, and no additional capital or operational costs. It's as easy as signing up and signing in.


Productivity Self deployed online typing stations with familiar short cuts, built in word expanders and medical dictionary, quick access to physician and patient data base, access to old jobs and auto routing maximize your production and profit margins.


Accuracy Our backend Speech recognition services deliver high quality drafts for editors to experience increased productivity, enhances MT experience and help reduce TAT while managing costs.