Services for Hospitals

Transcription management services for hospitals

Spantel understands that hospitals need to become high-quality, low-cost healthcare providers. Spantel systematically roots out inefficiencies and waste and redesigns delivery structure that serve the dual goal of reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care.

Spantel program is designed from ground up to meet the specific needs of hospitals. Deploying the Spantel Hospital Direct program at the hospital brings the benefits of automation, including Speech Recognition directly to the hospital. The usage based fee structure eliminates capital costs, and delivers the latest technology, continuously upgraded and professionally supported, directly to the service of the hospital. With Hospital Direct by Spantel, the hospital can efficiently manage in-house, out-sourced and speech recognition programs in a seamless, orchestrated and economical way.

Spantel has a 10-year track record of proven ROI for our clients, minimizing extraneous effort and expense at every turn. Putting our system to work is more than easy - it's cost-effective. Being a web-based integrated suite of tools, Spantel is ready to use with no up-front costs or complicated software installations.

Whether you create, use, or manage transcriptions, Spantel works for you.

Definitive Control

Definitive Control Maintain complete control and accountability over your document creation and management processes, PHI, and compliance with our unparalleled user interface and data organization.

Higher Savings

Higher Savings Spantel delivers guaranteed savings from proper structuring of your transcription operations. With no acquisition or deployment costs, pay-per-use fees, features that help eliminate avoidable operations costs, and in-house use of speech recognition, hospital achieves immediate cost savings.

Universal Quality

Universal Quality Standardize account specifications, set uniform templates, control security and privacy policies, reduce manual effort, extend operational methods uniformly to in-house and out-sourced services. Achieve predictability, accountability, visibility and transparency.